Public Jobs

Bids due in 8 days
10/1/20 10:00 am
2020 Mertensia Watermain Replacement
MRB Group
Town of Farmington, NY
This project includes the replacement of approximately 1,900 LF of watermain along NYS Route 96 and Mertensia Road, including approx. 1,550 LF of 8" PVC DR-14 watermain, 100 LF of 10" PVC DR-14 watermain along with four (4) directional drills as well as valves, hydrants, services and appurtenances.
Bids due in 8 days
10/1/20 2:00 pm
SUNY Geneseo – Decontaminate Interior Milne Library for Renovation
Watts Architecture and Engineering
SUNY Geneseo – Milne Library
Clean and remove asbestos-contaminated books and book stacks from library that are to be salvaged/dispose of books and book stacks that are not to be salvaged.
Bidding Closed
9/15/20 2:00 pm
Village of Alexander Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Improvements
Mountain Engineering, PLLC
Village of Alexander
Contract No. 1 will include equalization/surge tank pump replacement, repair and recoating of process tanks, process air system replacement, collection system pump replacements, new generators, and an alternate for replacement of rotating biological contactor system (RBC).
Bids due in 2 days
9/25/20 11:00 am
396 Waring Road Fire Restoration
Rochester Housing Authority
396 Waring Road
Install temporary power connection inside unit. Remove smoke odor with Ozone Shock Treatment. Install new electric where indicated. Demolish interior sections according to drawings and specs. Install new floor coverings. Paint ceilings, walls and trim. Refer to details and specifications for specific requirements.
Bidding Closed
9/10/20 10:00 am
Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park Playground Contract
Ramboll / O'Brien and Gere
Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park and Culver Road 4978 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14622
Installation of a playground at the Irondequoit Bay State Marin Park, including all playground equipment, safety equipment, installation of engineered wood fiber, concrete, and any other ancillary equipment associated with the playground.
Bidding Closed
9/10/20 1:00 pm
Wyoming County Jail
Wyoming County Jail, 151 N. Main Street, Warsaw, New York 14569
Door and Frame Repalcement
Bidding Closed
9/4/20 11:00 am
Village of Warsaw – Allen Street Reconstruction
MRB Group
Village of Warsaw
Drainage improvements and road reconstruction
Bidding Closed
8/24/20 11:00 am
MRB Group
38 Market Street, Brockport, NY 14420
Project includes the asbestos remediation and renovation of 3 existing restrooms. Work will include the relocation of some CMU partitions, new GWB partitions, new finishes, plumbing fixtures, HVAC and electrical. The remediation and renovation of one additional restroom will be an Add Alternate.
Bidding Closed
9/10/20 2:00 pm
City of Hornell – Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line Improvements
MRB Group
City of Hornell, 82 Main Street, P.O. Box 627, Hornell, NY 14843
The Project consists of furnishing labor, materials, and equipment for the rehabilitation of sanitary sewers in the City of Hornell. The base bid project includes the cured-in-place lining of approximately 350 Linear Feet of 12" Clay Tile sanitary sewer, 610 Linear Feet of 15" Clay Tile sanitary sewer, 1,594 Linear Feet of 20" Clay Tile sanitary sewer, and 622 Linear Feet of 24" Clay Tile sanitary sewer, including sewer cleaning, pre and post-video inspection, lateral reinstatement, and temporary sanitary sewer flow management. Also, the project includes an add-alternate bid for the cured-in-place lining of approximately 945 Linear Feet of 10" Clay Tile sanitary sewer, including sewer cleaning, pre and post-video inspection, lateral reinstatement, and temporary sanitary sewer flow management.
Bidding Closed
9/3/20 2:00 pm
MRB Group
152 Bolivar Road, Wellsville NY 14895
The project consists of a comprehensive upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant including but not limited to, the following: selective demolition of existing components of the influent channel and grit chamber, trickling filters, recirculation pump building, chemical building, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact tank, anaerobic digesters, solids dewatering facility and solids storage facilities and various other selective demolition components. The construction of a new screening building and mechanical upgrades for grit removal. The construction of a new landfill leachate storage tank and ancillary mechanical improvements including but not limited to feed pump, mixers and level control devices. The conversion of existing rock media trickling filters to plastic media biotowers and associated tankage. Construction of a new secondary clarifier and improvements to existing secondary clarifiers. Construction of a new chlorine contact disinfection chamber and new bulk chemical storage building. Modifications to existing chlorine contact tank for miscellaneous treatment processes. Construction of miscellaneous improvements to existing anaerobic digesters. Upgrades to existing mechanical solids dewatering process. Improvements to existing sludge drying bed pole barns. Miscellaneous improvements including replacement of hand rails, roof replacement, fencing, drainage, and grading. Work includes general site construction, concrete/masonry tankage and building construction, equipment installation and process piping, electrical construction, plumbing construction, HVAC construction, Instrumentation and Controls overall Supervisory Control and Data Acquisiton (SCADA) System.