Public Jobs

Bids due in 28 days
6/25/20 11:00 am
Town of Pavilion Water Storage Tank Replacement: Contract A- Water Main Installation. Contract B-Ta
MRB Group
Town of Pavilion along York Road
Contract A, Installation of approximately 6,100 linear feet of 12” water main, valves, hydrants and appurtenances. Contract B, Installation of a 300,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank, water vault, pump building and miscellaneous PRV upgrades.
Bids due in 19 days
6/16/20 11:00 am
Abatement and Demolition of 42 Elmer St. and 48 Broad St.
The LiRo Group
Lyons, NY
Asbestos abatement and demolition
Bids due in 20 days
6/17/20 10:00 am
Town of Rose Water System Improvements
MRB Group
Town of Rose, 5074 N. Main Street, North Rose, NY 14516
The project improvements include replacement of approximately 23,700 LF of old watermain of various sizes with new 8" and 12" diameter PVC pipe along NYS Route 414, Catchpole Road, and Wolcott Road in the Town of Rose, Wayne County, NY. Work will include layout, trenching, excavating, and drilling of new watermain; replacement of hydrants, valves, meter boxes, and services; connection to existing side street watermains; and restoration of pavement, curbing, driveways, sidewalks, and turf areas. The project also includes furnishing and installing a new electric potable mixing system in both existing 400,0000 gallon water storage tanks.
Bids due in 19 days
6/16/20 10:30 am
Town of Ulysses W.D. #3 – Ground Storage Tank TTHM Removal
MRB Group
Van Dorn Corners Road, Ulysses, NY 14886 (Tompkins County)
The project includes the modifications to a potable water storage tank for the incorporation of a floating Trihalomethane Removal System (TTHM), tank mixing system, roof mounted ventilator, tank roof modifications, electrical control panel, wiring, conduit and integration of system.
Bidding Closed
5/27/20 2:00 pm
Nunda Highway Garage
MRB Group
Hay Road, Nunda, New York 14512
Construction of a new Municipal Highway Garage. The building is a pre-engineered metal building (approximately 11,424 SF) and will include: insulated metal roof and wall panels, concrete masonry block walls, insulated overhead garage doors, concrete isolated spread footers and foundation walls. The building will consist of garage and administrative areas. The garage areas include vehicle parking bays, workroom and storage mezzanines. The administrative space includes an office, breakroom, and restrooms. Site improvements will include grading around the building, sub-surface utilities and structures. The project will have four (4) prime contracts. General Construction will include site, architectural and structural scope of work. Other primes include Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical (HVAC) Construction.
Bids due in 13 days
6/10/20 11:00 am
Lake Tower Façade Repair
Rochester Housing Authority
Lake Tower, 321 Lake Avenue
Patch concrete per plans. Remove metal, slope ledge with cement mortar, provide fluid-applied roofing system and warranty. Remove sealant and provide sealant. Power wash, prime and provide elastomeric top coat. Refer to details and specifications for specific requirements.
Bidding Closed
5/14/20 9:00 am
Lafayette Avenue Rehabilitation Project, City of Geneva, NY
MRB Group
Lafayette Avenue, Geneva, New York 14456
This project will generally consist of installing new water mains,
Bidding Closed
5/6/20 9:00 am
Vermi-Cycling Facility, City of Geneva, NY
MRB Group
45 Doran Avenue, Geneva, New York 14456
The construction of an Engineered Vermicycle Trench with associated site work. Alternate Bid #1 is requested for one (1) additional EVT.
Bidding Closed
5/7/20 10:00 am
Town of Sweden Sidewalk Project
MRB Group
Town of Sweden, 18 State Street, Brockport, NY 14420
The project consists of the construction of sidewalks in multiple locations throughout the Town of Sweden and is partially funded by Monroe County from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Sidewalks are to be constructed along the north side of Holley Street, from its intersection with Redman Road, to the Town/Village line (± 3,000'), along the east side of Owens Road in two sections spanning from State Route 31 to South Ave (± 1,350'), and along the west side of Isla Way and north side of Persistence Path from the Town Park boundary to Mull Lane (± 1,550'). Construction of a crosswalk across Redman Road at its intersection with Persistence Path, within the NYSDOT Right of Way is also proposed, along with related curb ramp construction and signage installation. Also included in the project is the construction of a concrete apron, concrete pad, and concrete curb along the frontage of the existing highway facility located at 40 White Road, Brockport, NY 14420.
Bidding Closed
5/8/20 1:00 pm
MRB Group
Newark Public Library, 121 High Street, Newark, NY
The Work is generally described as: Remove approximately 8,200 S.F. of existing asphalt roofing system and replace with new asphalt shingle roofing system, deteriorated sheathing, box vents, ice and water shield and flashing. Remove and replace approximately 520 S.F. of existing membrane roof system, including: membrane, insulation, coping, penetrations, blocking, flashing and crickets. Clean, resecure & reseal existing gutters and downspouts and provide new downspouts in missing downspout areas. Alternates shall include removing and replacing with all new gutters, facias, soffits, downspouts, flashing, trim, as well as providing ice and water shield 100% coverage under all asphalt roof shingle areas.